I am writing about my math-related interests. Topology, analysis, and functional analysis are closest to my heart (as of today). This year (2024) I am applying to grad schools. Before studying math I was an artist in the movie industry — don’t be surprised when you see a reference to a movie or some obscure music.


  • If you are on Linux check out my math keyboard overlay and flex with Unicode math symbols.
  • Mathstodon profile.
  • For non-mathematical stuff check out my homepage. There are some lists (weirdoes, helpful add-ons), freestyle writing, and more.

How I started doing maths. I was sitting on a chair reading about Leibniz. I didn’t like math at that time. In school, I had poor grades. I was happy doing VFX for movies. Anyway, I read that Leibniz claimed that the slope passes through two points, not one. What a bastard! I was enraged. Then I thought

Wait a minute… What is a line? What is a point!!!

A few hours later I was reading The Non-Euclidean Revolution by Richard Trudeau. And a few months later I quit my job and started preparing for university.

Fast forward a few years: I have just finished my undergraduate studies. Now I am on a gap year (trying to earn money, if you want to support me, you can buy me a coffee). I am into topology, analysis, and functional analysis.

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