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What is Functor Network

Functor Network is a blog platform for mathematicians. The term mathematician here is in a broad sense, including people studying math at any level as well as professionals in related fields. While we offer special support for mathematicians, anyone can register a blog site on our platform and express themselves on a variety of topics, whether they're related to math or not.


In one word, all features are meticulously crafted for mathematicians.


We make a comparison with other blog platform to clarify our features:

Our platform Other platform
writing post directly in latex supports doesn’t support
math formula rendering has built-in support doesn’t support or needs add-ons to support
keep latex code unchanged yes may eat backslashes, encode <, & and other math symbols
latex packages supports. You can use different latex packages for each post separately doesn’t support
automated numbering and referencing supports. You can use \label{} and \ref{} for this. doesn’t support or partially supports
custom latex commands supports. You can define your own latex command for each post. maybe supports
theorem-like environments supports doesn’t support
bibliography supports maybe supports
math-featured markdown supports maybe supports, but has limited features on math
clean and neat Yes. Our platform is designed with minimalism in mind. It even looks a bit abstract. may have many unnecessary functions
editor provides a plain text editor with a preview window. You can focus more on the content itself rather than its appearance. provides a WYSIWYG editor. This kind of editor may be annoying when handling math content.