A Short Fiction Story: Infinite Supply of Soup

   On a huge cylindrical planet in universe X, there is a very advanced civilization created by very different creatures from humans. Nearly 85% of this planet is made up of oceans of very delicious natural soup that contain salad and breadsticks instead of fish; these oceans are infinite. These people do not know any advantage of these unlimited oceans but warming the weather. They had always wondered why their gods gave them this useless huge amount of soup. Their main food is sand, which is only 2.3% of their planet –a limited amount. Moreover, their population is increasing drastically. As a result, they had to find another source of sand. 

   Our physics tells us that our universe was made because of the explosion of a quantum bubble on the space-time fabric, and the very specific structure and the circumstances applied were the factors that determined the very specific equations behind the nature of our universe. This nature prohibits us, humans, from the ability to create an infinite tool or even fully understand the concept of infinity. Obviously, universe X was made from a different quantum bubble, so their physics and mathematics –if there is any- are different from ours. They can make a convention that implies that 2+2=5. Actually, their physics easily allows them to make, somehow, infinite long tools. They had to invent a telescope to search for a source of sand in another portion on the space-time fabric.  The telescope helped them observe the nature of a nearby universe which turned out to be our universe. These people are not only in a different spot than ours in place but also in time. By their physics, time is a closed loop –not a straight line as our physics tells- which they can travel through easily.  The first time they could notice the sand on Earth was before the death of Earth with the sun, immediately. They felt sorry for this wasted sand, so they went back in time until the Earth's 20th century. Afterwards, they started studying Earth in order to learn more about the consciousness of humans, the food we eat, and Earth's sources. They knew that we have huge amounts of sand that we do not use significantly, and there are many restaurants there are only open for soup. They attempted to communicate with us in order to have a deal. Their exceptional scientist told them to make an infinite long colorless tube of a diameter of 0.8 millimeter, so they made this specific tube, put the beginning of the tube in their oceans of soup, and threw the end outside of their universe directing it into Orlando, Florida, United States of America on Earth in our universe. They let the soup first fill the whole tube, and then they assigned the rate of transfer at 1 milliliter per 8 earth hours. 

     Fortunately, Bill Darden was there desperate and miserable, until he noticed this colorless tube. It is similar to the anecdote of Newton and the apple though. He tasted a drop of this soup, and he was fascinated of how delicious it was that he had never tasted a more delicious one.  He sucked out the tube, so they knew that a human had recognized its existence. They could successfully communicate with him and make a deal as he decided to open a restaurant in order to benefit from this free delicious soup.  The deal says, "Firstly, people in universe X will always fill the tube to the extreme, and let Bill Darden be the one who controls the rate of soup transportation. Secondly, they will replace the tube with a one of a greater diameter so that the salad and breadsticks can be transported, too. Thirdly, Bill Darden will give them a 1 gram of sand –in another tube they would invent- for every 10 kilogram of soup." People in universe X agreed happily because their mathematics told them that what they would get is even greater than what they would give in return as the concept of mass in their universe is different from ours.  And after all, their primary goal is learning more about Earth and the civilization of humans in order to be able to invent machines that can go and rescue the significant wasted amount of sand during the stage of time after humans' extinction and before Earth’s death, avoiding any wars against humans.  A part of the infinite long tube is inside universe X, another part is in the "whatever" between the two universes, and the last part is inside our own universe. Thus, the part of the tube that is actually inside the borders of our universe is finite and contains a limited amount of their oceans. Because the tube is always filled, and Bill Darden is the one who could control the transportation rate of the soup, the restaurant's clients can eat as much as they want which may seem as unlimited. In addition, because he only gives a small amount of sand, we did not even notice his usage of the Great Desert in Africa. Personally, I anticipate that the restaurant will ask the people of that planet to tell their neighbors of other planets if anyone wants to take CO2 and give gold, for example.

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