[Gen] General Blog Post 1 - Introduction

Hello! My name is Ethan and I will am an incoming PhD student in Mathematics at Columbia University. I am starting this blog because I love mathematics and I love writing about my thoughts and experiences. I hope you will enjoy it here!

Some things that you may expect here include but are not limited to:

Re-learning mathematics [RLM] - My undergraduate program (with the help of the math community there) taught mathematics by attaching your brain to the entire hose of mathematics and turning on the torrent at full blast. This allowed me to absorb a lot of information fast, and those things that came up most frequently are pretty solid. However, I feel like there is a lot of detail that I am missing out on and more to enjoy. Therefore, I want to go back and do a little bit of re-learning mathematics from my advanced vantage point.

Research/Learning New Things [LNT] - As a PhD student I hope to do lots of original research. Therefore I want to share with you, and internalize for myself, the new things I am reading. I have noticed that I never truly understand a piece of mathematics until I have written it up/down and drawn a picture of it for myself.

General Math Thoughts (Me Think Math) [MTM] - I feel that I cannot truly understand a piece of mathematics unless I write it down. Therefore, there will probably be a good chunk of posts that are about random unstructured math that I am experiencing and write up for fun / to understand it better.

Seminar Notes [SN]- A synthesis of Me Think Math and Learning new things, I’ll probably write up stuff from seminars as if I don’t I feel I won’t have extracted the most from them.

Computer Science [COS] - I am fairly interested in computer science and may write about things as I learn them here.

Questions or Ideas [QI]- I may put some of my philosophical/neuroscience/cognitive science/computer science/music musings here. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them!

Well, that’s all. Writing/thinking about these things is fantastic for me, so please enjoy them at your leisure.

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