Book Club-"Cake Cutting: Be Fair if you Can" - Meeting 1

  1. Finite Cutting Methods

    1. Discuss notion of envy-freeness and fairness

    2. Describe Banach-Knaster last diminisher protocol

      1. Show time complexity

    3. Describe Sequential pairs protocol

      1. Show time complexity

    4. Describe Even-Paz protocol

      1. Show time complexity

    5. Describe Selfridge-Conway protocol

  2. Describe moving knife protocols

    1. Dubins-Spanier protocol for n players

    2. Stromquist envy-free protocol for n=3 players

  3. Describe "Single Cut Suffices"

    1. Improve sequential pairs protocol

  4. Revise problem set

\section{Finite Cutting Methods} \subsection{What are envy-freeness and fairness?} \subsection{Last Diminisher} \subsection{Sequential pairs} \subsection{Even-Paz} \subsection{Selfridge-Conway} \section{Moving Knife} \subsection{Dubins-Spanier} \subsection{Stromquist} \section{Single-Cut Principle}

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