Loopy Games

One of the most fascinating aspects of loopy games [is] they often witness precise limits for natural sequences of loopfree games. -Stoppers as Limits (Siegel)

$$on=\{on|\}$$ $$off=\{|off\}$$ $$tis=\{tisn|\}$$ $$tisn=\{|tis\}$$ $$onto=\{onfro|\}$$ $$onfro=\{onto|\}$$ $$upon=\{upon|*\}$$

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Loopy Games & Computation “the first thorough application of computers to loopy games, those in which repetition is permitted, and presents several advances in the theory of loopygames, showing that, with substantial computational assistance, many such games are just as tractable as their loopfree cousins.”

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