But why?

Why not 🤷‍♀️ Really tho, the reason I choose to use the term hypersurreal is because things are done a certain way within the surreal numbers & combinatorial games. However as vast as the field may be, it still limits itself in many ways. 2 players. Competitive. Partizan. Impartial. Maybe misère.

There seems to be very limited work done on 1-player games (combinatorial puzzles - although it is interesting to note that impartial games can be viewed as puzzles). There is a lot of interesting information around “0-player” games (cellular automaton). However I haven’t seen anything about the maths for these types of “games”.

I did find some interesting oscillators tho:

Suns, Moons & Stars?
Normal time?
Loopy time?

Also, what about cooperative games?

Aside I find mechanism design rather interesting.

On top of all of that, ever since learning about transfinite recursion there is now constant recursion (re)occuring. Surcomplex? Sounds good. I’ll take some surdenians as well plz & ty (& yes.. I would like to know about the $\omega$th step in the Cayley-Dickson construction, ty kindly).

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